It’s about real-time

IOTech enables any kind of business with scalable IoT solutions and IT consultancy services allowing you to monitor and manage your assets in real-time.

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The simpler the Things the better.
We provide plug-and-play ready solutions that are easy to install.


Our elegant designs eliminate the time and effort required to piece together IoT solutions and other network infrastructures.


We make Things your way.
Flexible integration with existing systems, easily swap or add hardware.


Fully embedded end-to-end encryption and security to protect your data.


Low Power

Our unique connectivity solution provides the lowest energy-consumption device-to-cloud. By simplifying communications, we enable unbeatable low energy consumption.

Long Range

From a few kilometers in dense urban areas and up to 15 kilometers in rural areas. IOTech technologies are adapted specifically for wide-area networks.

Low Cost

With its simple approach to connectivity, IOTech provides extremely price-competitive subscriptions and even more importantly, deploys extremely simple and cost-efficient modules.


Internet Services

IOTech offers plans for unlimited high-speed internet. The internet being the backbone of our core infrastructure we ensure reliable service and uninterrupted connectivity.

Network services

Cables and wiring can be a nightmare. Avoid getting tangled up with networking issues by allowing our teams to help with your network infrastructure deployment. We also provide full services for network sanitization and complete revamps if necessary.

Managed Services

Accessing the data is just the first key step in the process and can be a major challenge in an environment where many different systems and sensor technologies are used. IOTech helps manage and derive value from the vast amount of data produced by our devices.



Got an idea?
Our expert dev team is here to assist whether its a sweet website or a tough pattern recognition engine you are trying to build.


Effective analytics solutions must be able to combine data from multiple sources all of which are likely to have different formats. IOTech's data analytics software gathers data in an organized manner and performs fault detection analysis to uncover unusual patterns.

Servicing & Maintenance

IOTech's consultants are ready to assist with any type of technical deployment. We help your organization through solution architecture, design implementation and deployements of projects. We also provides special case consultancy services for your specific needs.



  • Unlimited 4Mbps Internet
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
₦40,000 per month


  • Unlimited 4Mbps Internet
  • + 1Mbps FREE
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • IOT
  • Static Real-time dashboard
  • 1 Smart node installation
  • 1 User profile
  • 7 days data storage
  • Unlimited Real-time notifications
  • Unlimited Real-time email alerts
₦55,000 per month


  • Unlimited 5Mbps & above Internet
  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited 24/7 Support
  • IOT
  • Customizable Real-time dashboard
  • Unlimited Smart node installation
  • Unlimted User profile
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Unlimited Real-time notifications
  • Unlimited Real-time email alerts
  • Automation and Downlink control
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Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet of Things requires some explation. It might sound kind of odd, but the term is gaining major popularity.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things or IoT for short is a term that will soon become common parlance. In fact, some of the products you buy and services you use may already be using the Internet of Things. In simple words, it's a system that allows devices to communicate directly with each other without human intervention. Weird as it seems, but its truly the Internet for things.

What can the Internet of Things do for me?

IOTech believes that just like the Intenet was a revolution 25 years ago, today the possibilities of the Internet of Things are endless. Imagine a refrigarator that is able to track the freshness and dates on products it contains, you might get a text message on your smarthphone telling you to pick up a carton of milk on your way home from the office. And guess who sent that text message? Your refrigerator!

What does the Internet of Things mean for my business?

IoT devices are controlled to improve efficiency, which in turn has direct impact on the productivity of a business. IoT software and appliances allow workers to accomplish large-scale tasks in a faster and error-free fashion. More can be done reliably and in less time.

What about connectivity, what works for my Things?

IOTech's team is experienced and offers consultancy services to identify the potentially best solution for your use case. Appropriate solutions range from very low-power Bluetooth to Wi-Fi or even 4G LTE radios. Of course, some solutions need combinations of communication capabilities. We make sure that your Things are up online in no time!

What about the security of my data?

Securing our systems and protecting our customer's data is our top priority at IOTech. With our solution each customer owns restricted access to his profile on our systems as well as garanteed that any data tansmission is end-to-end encrypted. IOTech keeps up with the latest cloud storage trends using top notch cloud services such as AWS and Google Cloud Platform. For peace of mind, we also offer on-premise solutions and custom made designs so that our infrastructure works and stores data behind your walls.


We are growing team of passionate engineers who are looking to achieve amazing Things!